Saxophone TV work with Tony Morris with Lucy Meacock




Granada reports with Tony Morris , Lucy Meacock and Saxophone Lady Rosemary Quaye

When saxophone lady Rosemary Quaye got the call from Tony Morris from itv granada reports, to come into the studio to have a chat about her successful performance at MUFC player of the year awards 2015

she was delighted as well as excited, after a live interview with Tony Morris, Tony who has previously served for the RAF before entering into journalism , first with the BBC and now for Granada Reports, ITV and fellow reporter and Lucy Meacock, Lucy , who started her journalism career at the Chester Chronicle, before moving to the BBC,  and has now been with ITV for the past 27 years, Saxophone lady Rosemary was talking about  how happy she was when Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal appreciated her sax playing as she entertained him and fellow guests on the night of the awards at old trafford,  she then played live on air, one of her favourite songs, night and day, by Cole Porter, it was a fabulous evening in the studio at itv

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