The Saxophone lady Rosemary Quaye is an experienced saxophonist, who is versatile in many genres of music played on the saxophone.

Rosemary knows the importance of hitting the right note first time when playing tracks in recording studios; Rosemary always hits the right notes…


If you require a competent studio saxophonist, well known for her flair and creativity

If you require a competent studio saxophonist, well known for her flair and creativity in her ability to embellish any music track you ask her to do, whether it be classic, pop, funk, house or any style of music, she can muster up a work of art immediately.

Rosemary’s music teachers have always told her she has a unique flair, with one leading jazz teacher at city college Manchester, Chris Williams, and a maths academician at Manchester university, said to Rosemary..

“Maybe, just maybe, you are one of the rare few who can actually feel and hear the notes!”

This is a skill enviable by many a musician’s.

Rosemary the saxophone lady has the ability for creative spontaneous flair whilst being able to read music and play with accuracy first time, she has a definite gift to hear and feel the music.

‎Studio recording musicians unlike many other performing musicians need an extra particular skill to read intricate music scores provided on the spot; an extremely valuable skill required when a studio engineer or broadcaster is requiring some saxophone playing to sit perfectly in a track in record time for a perfectly painted mystic portrait.

Radio Stations to live TV Rosemary Always hits the note

Rosemary is no stranger to professional studio recordings and has regularly appeared on television and radio stations playing live to millions of viewers and listeners; hitting the right note first time is paramount!

Sax Studio session with the saxophone lady
Relaxing after recoring a Saxophone session for the saxophone lady rosemary quaye

Rosemary Kicks back and takes a well deserved rest after a recording session

You can trust the saxophone lady Rosemary Quaye to deliver outstanding saxophone playing on demand when recording studio time is precious.

Rosemary has worked on TV and radio over the years and was in the house band on the Terry Christian show, the G spot and on Granada breeze channel.