Rosemary sessions for Top Record Producers

Rosemary Quaye , the saxophonelady has recorded saxophone session phrasing and improvisation for top International Record Producers , Chris ‘Ruff Diamond’ Robinson, and Lempo , aka Mike McGuiness,

Chris Robinson, aka ‘Ruff Diamond’ is a producer who has contributed to millions of record sales worldwide, and has been described by some industry executives as one of the finest and most capable R&B producers to hail from outside of the USA.  for more information about Chris, click here  Chris Ruff Diamond Robinson

Mike McGuiness, best known by the stage name Lempo, is a British DJ and music producer. Renowned for his four-to-the-floor cocktail of hip-hop and swing influenced house music. Mike is an International Music producer, engineer and DJ, for more information about Lempo , click here  LEMPO

Also in the studio was Actor Ashley Taylor Dawson, from the popular TV series Hollyoaks.

Ashley Taylor Dawson

Rosemary’s smooth playing with natural vibrato and flair went down well in the studio, Rosemary plays from the heart and gives each phrase passion and feeling which is what saxophone session improvisation and phrasing is all about.