Manchester United Player of the year 2105 Louis Van Gaal Speech

ROSEMARY QUAYE entertains Louis Van Gaal and fellow players and celebrities at the MUFC Player of the year awards


saxaphone lady with Ryan Giggs gigsy manchester united

Ryan Giggs with Rosemary Quaye

rosemary quaye lisa stansfield

Lisa Stansfield Grammy Award winner with Rosemary Quaye the Saxophone Lady

Grammy award winner Lisa Stansfield

Manchester United are unquestionably one of the biggest and well known football clubs in the world. Where ever you are in the world you be be sure to bump into a supporter from Africa to America.

Rosemary Quaye the Saxophone lady was booked to play at this prestigious event in addition to Lisa Stansfield fabulous Grammy Award winner for best female vocal “Been around the world “, formidable company without the guest list.
Rosemary Quaye as always dressed for the occasion with impeccable style and grace wearing a red and black dress with high heels, she can be forgiven for not wearing football boots but her signature hair always makes an impact. This is a truly prestigious event with all the Manchester United Football team and Manager Louis Van Gaal present.
With a guest list of 350 people including famous sportsmen and celebrities Rosemary Quaye played her tenor saxophone through the evening. Rosemary always hits the right notes and her distinguished guests certainly took note, possibly even more than Rosemary had even expected.
Whenever Louis Van Gaaal speaks he is watched and listened too around the globe, a part of the Job being manager to one of the world’s biggest and most successful football teams. Very un-expectantly at the end of Louis Van Gaals speech he re-addressed the audience with a shocking announcement, he announced that he was in great admiration of the Saxophone Lady Rosemary Quaye and mentioned in his speech how fantastically she had played her saxophone that evening.


rosemary quaye with manchester united manager


rosemary hug

Furthermore he insisted that everyone should give her a round of applause whilst telling Ryan Giggs he should personally, say thank you and show his appreciation to his much amused fellow team mates. They found it so amusing that they tweeted it, this was when the social media fireworks exploded. The saxophone Ladies performance went viral with millions of tweets and re-tweets around the world. The Saxophone Lady Rosemary Quaye is now known worldwide.
From the social media on the evening all of the press from the UK mentioned Louis Van Gaals speech about the Saxophone Lady, Rosemary had stolen the evening. The following week ended by being very busy for the Saxophone Lady conducting interviews for radio and stations and television all wanting to know the inside story.
Lias Stansfield also put on a superb performance and the Saxophone Lady an admirer of her work would welcome an opportunity to work with Lisa on future projects
Rosemary Quaye the Saxophone Lady and Lisa were the only two acts performing at this prestigious and fantastic evening of the Player of the year awards 2015; further testament to the reputation and musicianship of Rosemary Quaye.
From that evening many female Saxophone players have tried to impersonate Rosemary Quaye but the truth is that you can only have one Saxpohone Lady, the lady who Louis Van Gall said played fantastically – Rosemary Quaye.

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